Partnering together to create
an international schooling experience


Xspace is always seeking partners in the community who have a shared vision of making quality Canadian education more accessible to ELL students. Xspace works with schools and organizations in Canada and internationally to create “mini school campuses” that allow students to succeed in Canadian studies through a unique blended learning program.

Why set up a mini school campus with Xspace?

  • To bring a unique blended Canadian schooling experience into your local community
  • To diversify your school or organization’s course offerings
  • To provide elementary students with an interactive experience in an online Canadian classroom
  • To provide secondary students with a direct path to obtaining a Canadian high school diploma
  • To have access to a repertoire of Canadian educational resources including quality courses, teachers, and student enrichment programs
  • To provide students with an opportunity to be immersed in a local Canadian public high school
  • To be recognized and rewarded as a key player in delivering a quality international program to ELL students

What support does Xspace provide in the establishment of mini school campuses?

  • Provide initial training and ongoing support for partner staff on program delivery
  • Ensure students are granted equivalency for eligible courses from their home countries and meet overall graduation requirements
  • Assess students’ English language level prior to entry into the program
  • Provide language preparation courses for students whose English level does not meet minimum requirements
  • Provide online enrichment opportunities for students outside the classroom
  • Regularly provide reports to community partners on students’ academic performance
  • Maintain the highest standards of education as mandated by public school districts in Canada and to protect integrity throughout our academic programs
  • Work with school districts and universities to help students maximize success in their high school journey and transition into post-secondary studies

If you are interested in partnering with Xspace or would like to learn more about establishing mini school campusesplease complete a partnership inquiry form and we will be in touch with you shortly.