Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)

OSSD Program

Chinese school fieldStudents who are interested in a Canadian high school experience have the flexibility of obtaining an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) through Xspace regardless of where they are in the world. Currently, most of Xspace’s students who are pursuing the OSSD are enrolled in Xspace’s China Program, which has locations in Beijing and Qingdao. Graduates from Xspace’s OSSD Program have obtained admission to top-tier universities across Canada and the United States.

Program Structure

The Xspace OSSD Program spans from Grades 9-12, with part-time studies in Grades 9-11, and full-time studies in the final Grade 12 year. The first two years of the program (Grades 9-10) focus on helping students build foundational English skills and develop North American study habits, helping students fully prepare for the academic rigor of Grade 11. In Grade 11, students must write and pass the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT), a graduation requirement for obtaining the OSSD. Grade 11 is also spent working closely with our counsellors to plan and prepare for applying to universities. The first two years of the Xspace OSSD Program is done in a part-time manner while students pursue full-time studies in their home country’s education system.

In Grade 12, students pursue full-time OSSD studies, completing all courses required for graduation and entrance into university. Students have the option to travel to Canada in the second semester for an immersion experience in a local Canadian public high school, while completing their OSSD studies online.

Courses Offered

  • Grades 9 / 10

    • English
    • Mathematics

  • Grade 11

    • English
    • Functions
    • Chemistry
    • Physics

  • Grade 12

    • English
    • Advanced Functions
    • Calculus and Vectors
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • The Writer’s Craft
    • International Business Fundamentals
    • Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals
    • OSSLT Course

  • ELL / Test Prep

    • ELL Advanced
    • Transition to English 10
    • Pre-English 10
    • OSSLT Preparation