The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

DoEThe Duke of Edinburgh’s Award was originally founded in 1956 by Prince Philip to nurture a sense of social responsibility in young people. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award now is a non-competitive, internationally recognized non-formal education. The learning framework of this Award designed to encourage personal discovery, growth and potential for young people aged 14 to 25 by participating in self-driven enriched opportunities in four sections including volunteering, physical recreation, skills and expedition. The Award currently runs in 130 countries globally and millions of young people have completed the Award. The concept of the Award shed light on personal challenge by applying classroom knowledge and skills to the real-world. Upon completion of the Award, students are able to thrive on challenges and unleash their maximum potential for a sustainable future.

There are four sections of activities woven into three progressive levels of achievement:

In its quest to help students reach their potential, Xspace delivers the Duke of Edinburgh award through a registered Award Center in SD91.

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