Academic, University & Career Counselling


Every student has their unique personal traits and academic aspirations. With hands-on expertise, Xspace counsellors focus on helping each student map out a tailored study plan for academic success by assessing their intellectual needs, identifying their academic interests, and tracking monthly progress through their program. The most important part of academic advising is to help students utilize their time to learn, enhance weak areas and hone their academic strengths. Thus, Xspace counsellors manage students’ academic experience by providing personalized one-on-one guidance and support to students in the areas of goal setting, course selection, study skills, course transfer, learning resources, graduation requirements and university awareness.


University Planning Workshop

Xspace is committed to helping students develop a custom university plan that aligns with their academic, career and personal pursuits through a holistic approach beginning in Grade 10. Our experienced university counsellors work closely with students throughout their years at Xspace to navigate students’ potential, interests and expectations so as to identify universities and programs appropriate their needs and abilities. We host a wide range of in-house seminars, workshops and events on university awareness and planning, university search, application process, admission requirements, profile enhancing, scholarship, financial aids and so forth. We also provide extra support to students who are in need of highly individualized guidance through every step of application process, from planning and mentoring, to preparation and review of each university choice.


Students at Xspace have access to career advising and resources provided by guidance counsellors throughout their program of study. A collection of information and reference materials on employment trends is available. Career counselling is provided on an individual or small group basis to help students identify their interests, skills and values, explore career options, and develop career goals. Likewise, students also learn how to research what is needed to reach their career goals and prepare for job entry. Work placement guidance is also provided to students if needed.

Character and relationship building are embedded into the scope of career counselling at Xspace and we endeavour to nurture reflective thinking in students through an inquiry-based approach.  Students are encouraged not just to develop practical employability skills needed to be successful in the future, but to make a meaningful connection between education needs and career aspirations.