BC Dogwood Diploma

BC Full-Time Program: Xspace Unicademy

Xspace offers a full-time program (Xspace Unicademy) for BC students in their final year of high school who are motivated to enter Canada’s top universities. Xspace Unicademy is the Vancouver Campus of School District 91’s (Nechako Lakes) International Program, providing an innovative blended learning experience that leads to graduation with a BC Dogwood Diploma. Qualified educators from the Xspace-SD91 instructional team work together to guide students through coursework, while helping students develop long-term soft skills and offering personalized instruction that fits student’s’ individual needs.

Xspace Unicademy uses a “Community as Our Campus” approach to schooling, creating a university-like learning environment for students. Classes are conducted virtually, but students are led to fully utilize the resources available in their community (public libraries, parks, recreational space, etc.) as part of their day-to-day learning experience. Instead of isolating students in a facility, Xspace Unicademy brings students to truly live, immerse, and develop themselves in the real world.

BC Cross-Enrolled Program

Xspace offers a cross-enrolled program for BC students in Grades 8-12 who attend a regular brick-and-mortar school, but would like to pursue online studies in an after-school setting. Students have classes in the comfort of their own homes where they interact live with Xspace facilitators and fellow classmates. Xspace’s cross-enrolled program have registration dates throughout the year, giving students the flexibility of choosing the timing of their studies. All courses offered in the cross-enrolled program are credit courses that are counted towards the BC Dogwood Diploma.

Courses Offered

  • Grades 8 / 9

    • English 8/9
    • Mathematics 8/9

  • Grade 10

    • English Focused Literary Studies & Composition 10 (4 credits)
    • Pre-Calculus 10

  • Grade 11

    • English (Literary Studies) 11
    • Pre-Calculus 11
    • Chemistry 11
    • Physics 11

  • Grade 12

    • English Studies 12
    • 20th Century World History 12
    • Economics 12
    • Pre-Calculus 12
    • Calculus 12
    • Chemistry 12
    • Physics 12
    • Career Life Connections 12

  • ELL

    • ELL Advanced
    • Transition to English 10
    • Pre-English 10