Application Process

How to Apply

To apply for courses at Xspace, start by booking a consultation with Xspace. Please give us a call at (778) 682-4578 or email us at to book an appointment.

STEP 1: Book a consultation with Xspace.  Students who have not yet completed English 10 will need to write an English language assessment.

STEP 2: Review Xspace’s Program Policies.

STEP 3: Fill in application form and submit required documents.

STEP 4: Receive invoice and pay tuition fees.

STEP 5: Receive class timetable, attend orientation and start classes!


Required Documents (for secondary school programs):

Students should be prepared to submit the following supplementary documents as part of their application:

BC Dogwood Program OSSD Program
Copy of Passport photo page / Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) card

Proof of BC Residency:

  • One of: BC Driver’s License / BC Services Card / BC Care Card; OR
  • Most recent utility bill PLUS Canadian bank account statement / property tax statement (showing name and address)

Most recent transcript or final school report card

Additional requirement for domestic students: One parent’s proof of BC residency

Additional requirement for international students: Copy of valid study permit (must be valid for at least 6 months for cross-enrolled applications)

Copy of Passport photo page or other government ID that shows photo, name and birthdate

Official transcripts starting from Grade 9






Application Deadlines

2020-2021 Full-Time Program:

Applications for the 2020-2021 Full-Time Program are now closed.  We will be accepting applications for the 2021-2022 Full-Time Program soon; please stay tuned for details!


2020-2021 Cross-Enrolled Program:

Course Dates * Regular Deadline Late Application Deadline
Round 1: Start week of Sept. 14; end week of Dec. 7 Sept. 4, 2020 Sept. 8, 2020
Round 2: Start week of Oct. 5; end week of Jan. 11 Sept. 18, 2020 Sept. 22, 2020
Round 3: Start week of Nov. 2; end week of Feb. 8 Oct. 16, 2020 Oct. 20, 2020
Round 4: Start week of Nov. 30; end week of Mar. 8 Nov. 13, 2020 Nov. 17, 2020
Round 5: Start week of Jan. 4; end week of Apr. 5 Dec. 11, 2020 Dec. 15, 2020
Round 6: Start week of Feb. 1; end week of May 1 Jan. 15, 2021 Jan. 19, 2021
Round 7: Start week of Mar. 1; end week of June 1 Feb. 12, 2021 Feb. 19, 2021

* Course dates are based on group class schedules and are subject to change at Xspace’s sole discretion.