Student Experience

At Xspace, our students experience a holistic learning environment as we take into account all aspects of students’ growth and development.

Academic & Personal Development

Students at Xspace work with teachers and facilitators who all have ample experience in working with ELL students. Our education team sets academic goals with students and create personalized study plans with them to ensure students are successful in their academic journey. Our programs also emphasize soft skill development, which is essential for students’ personal growth as they interact with the world around them.

“Every HELPS facilitator has given me a lot of help in my studies and has helped me get a successful score. I will continue taking credit courses at HELPS until all high school courses are completed. Thanks to HELPS, I can achieve the goal of graduating from high school in time to enter university.”
Mary Z., Hugh Boyd Secondary School

“I have been in MOOSE for several months now, and overall I feel very good. MOOSE has advanced online teaching software; the facilitator can write formulas and content will be displayed directly on my screen, letting me easily reference and review materials.”
Max T., Burnaby North Secondary School


We encourage our students to be active members of their community. Within Xspace, our students collaborate and interact with one another, forming an active learning community. Students’ learning network also extends beyond the four walls of the classroom as they are supported by educators from all across the world through the use of technology. Outside of class, Xspace students frequently get involved in community events and extracurricular activities.

“In addition to English and knowledge building, Xspace facilitators continuously develop my Western ways of thinking and learning, and lead me to participate in social and volunteer activities. My leadership and communication skills have greatly improved in this process.”
Ruben X., North Surrey Secondary School