Our Approach

Blended Learning & Flipped Classroom

Our educational framework at Xspace takes its roots in blended learning, which combines traditional classroom learning methods with technology-mediated activities.  Students view course materials from a digital course interface that is set up and designed by an accredited online teacher.  At the same time, students attend face-to-face classes and work with a trained Xspace facilitator on course materials.

Student Centered Blended Learning

Xspace also integrates the flipped classroom approach into its educational model – an overturned version of a typical coursework model. In the traditional school setting, students acquire new information during class, and are asked by the teacher to apply that information at home as they work on homework and assignments independently.  A flipped classroom reverses the model, meaning that students preview content at home independently, and then attend classes and work on coursework under the guidance of a facilitator, allowing students to experiment, safely make errors, and ask questions.

Our Facilitators

Xspace facilitators may find themselves working in either a physical classroom setting through our H.E.L.P.S. program, or a virtual classroom setting in our M.O.O.S.E. program. Regardless of classroom setting, the Xspace facilitator always plays a pedagogical, managerial, social, and technical role in the student’s learning. Our facilitators also come with a wide variety of backgrounds and personalities to best suit the needs of our students. All facilitators are carefully screened and trained to meet the high standards of our model, ensuring that students are immersed in personalized and engaging classroom environments.

Our Technology

All courses at Xspace are delivered through online Moodle or D2L platforms, and contain various multimedia and interactive features. Students can access their course any time and anywhere with Internet connection. Students use computers, laptops, or tablets for class, and Xspace facilitators integrate different digital learning tools into their classes according to student needs. Our M.O.O.S.E. program also utilizes an integrated virtual classroom software which allows students and facilitators to interact with each other at any location.